My first YAPC

Posted on 25/08/

Back from vacations, and back from YAPC::EU. It's been two weeks since YAPC, and I'd like to share a bit of my experience. First: the YAPC was great! They are community driven events, so they are more informal and far less commercial than other conferences, and that's great! Note that being informal is not being unprofessional. The organization and the talks where great.

Some of the things I learned/did/have to take a look at after the YAPC are:

  • GIT: I attended Scott Chacon's GIT 101 talk. I had worked with GIT for the last Catalyst::Plugin::Server update. Scott's talk was an eye-opener. I finally understood some of the things I was just simply "typing in" when working with GIT
  • I attended Jonas B. Nielsen's talk about Workflows. In the questions round somebody asked if there was integration with Catalyst, and Jonas replied that it was a question that appeared in the Workflow mailing list every now and then. I pointed out that we (at CAPSiDE) had integrated as a Catalyst model, and shared some time giving it a look. I told Jonas that we could publish the model on CPAN, so now I have to clean it up a bit, and publish it.
  • YAPC in BCN: Jonas also suggested having a YAPC in Barcelona, so I'll have to bug in our next meetings :). I think we'll have to organize a Perl Workshop before going big with a YAPC
  • Perl Data Warehouse Toolkit: Nelson Ferraz gave a talk about how Perl was ideal for Datawarehousing, but that there were no modules in CPAN referencing Datawarehouse. He proposed a framework and I see he is hard at work

I attended a lot more talks, and have a bunch more things to get into, but these are the most remarkable

Also, I did my talk about Writing Nagios Plugins in Perl. I hope we'll see more people writing their own plugins for Nagios with the help of Nagios::Plugin and the other modules out there. I had 50 minutes alloted, and went a bit short (I think I finished in 40m or so...). I have to finish the test suite for Nagios::Plugin::Differences, and publish it too.