I'm Jose Luis Martinez (alias pplu). Welcome to my homepage, which comes to be a collection of things I contribute to the open source community.

From here you can go to my blog: Go to my blog, where I usually blog about the things I release.

See my CPAN modules, or see their kwalitee (I hope it's high!). As you will probably see, I program in perl

I work on the Opsview project from time to time so here you have things regarding Opsview / Nagios:

Nagios Checker
I sent in a patch to support Opsview from the Nagios Checker FireFox plugin.

The Nagios and Opsview notify via Asterisk script
A Nagios notification script to dial a number through asterisk when alerts are triggered

I would like to note that although this software is on my webpage, I am not the only one that has worked on it. Maybe I have done the coding, or I have done the design, maybe neither, or maybe both. The point is that I'm not the only one that has worked on this software, having lots of work attributable to all the CAPSiDE Team.